Friday, September 19, 2014

Kim Howlett's Review of Wild Card Vol 3 by Missy Johnson.

Wild Card: Vol Three (Wild Card #3)
Missy Johnson
Review By Kim Howlett
Wildcard is the last book I the series and the conclusion to all the drama, unanswered questions and and Ryder and a Scarlett's relationship.
You need to of read both vol 1 and 2 before reading vol 3. As you will not understand anything about vol 3 at all.
Vol 2 ended in a massive cliffhanger, with both
Scarlett and Ryder taking massive steps to keep Scarkett ex out of there's lives for good.
Neither know what the others doing or planing to do to and it's all lies between them.

There are so many lies between the couple that to make the lies better the story needed to be longer, which would of made the story not feel as make the stories more complex then I personal think either the 3 short books should of been made slightly longer, or the book should of been wrote in one book. That way the story would of been outstanding. It had so much much potential and the twists and turns were very unexpected, but in the last book,when it all started in folding and we started getting answers and finally getting a trusting relationship between Ryder and Scarlett, it ends. The first 2 parts never felt rushed, but there either never a book 4 or it to be longer to iron out the creases in the story.
We do get the answers we needed in book 3, and all secrets are final out in the open. Finding out about Scarlett's secret was the biggest secret along, but luckily for her Ryder koved her so much he just wanted to be with her no matter what, in true Missy style again, there was one last shocker that you'd not expect at the end.
Missy writes incredible stories and I knew immediately just from the title that thus story was going to be outstanding. It really was like a tennis match in some many ways....back and forth.....back and forth!!!! I wasn't disappointed in any of the 3 books. Book 1 blew me away, but unfortunately book 2 and 3 didn't live up to the 5 star standard (just) in my eyes. The reason for that is in book one you had a whole short story to get to know the characters and connect with them, in book 2 and 3 the connection faded abit because of all the back and forth and lies. The huge twists bring it back up to a 4.5 though and Missy has wrote another great book. There's no books of hers ive ever disliked. There always wrote brilliantly and she has a brilliant talent to tell stories. Looking forward to whatever book missy writes next.
I will miss Ryder!

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