Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sublime Wreckage Book Review

                                       A review of Sublime Wreckage by Charlene Zapata
                                                        5 star review by Kelly Teti



After suffering a tragic accident as a child, Maggie Wilson has tried her whole life to regain the happiness she lost. She has been in survival mode ever since, dealing with a mentally unstable parent, having no one to turn to for help. Her desire to escape to a better future fuels her motivation and keeps her focused on what really matters, breaking free of the hell she lives in.

Things at home are complicated and it’s easier to push people away than allow them to get too close. She doesn’t let anyone into her life except her best friend Amanda. Maggie has perfected keeping secrets, maintaining her GPA and staying out of relationships. All her energy is put into her school work so that when she graduates she can leave for college and forget her past.

All of that changes when she meets Vincent Moreno. His reputation precedes him but she quickly discovers there is so much more to him than what you see on the surface.  He manages to wiggle his way into her life despite her efforts to keep him at a distance. As Maggie starts to open up she realizes how much she needs someone like Vince in her life. They form a connection like no other and it has her reconsidering everything.



Maggie had lived through so much from such a young age...beginning with the death of the one person that she loved and trusted most to growing up having to live every day riding on an emotional roller coaster. She always did what she thought was right to make the best of a terrible situation all while trying to avoid making herself a burden to those who loved her most! All until she meets the love of her life...Vince Moreno! He stepped into her life in the blink of an eye knocking down all of the emotional walls that she had spent so many years building. He opened her eyes and her heart and she soon realized that there was much more to life then she ever dreamed! Aside from her best friend Amanda and her Grandfather she had never gotten close to anyone but now Vince has opened the door to her happiness and given her the strength and desire that she needed to move on to a better place in life!

What a fantastic read! I literally read chapters 10 - 31 in one day because I could not put it down! This book was very well written and included such true to life experiences that were so descriptive that you could almost feel them. At times, I felt as though I was right there with Maggie because of how connected I became to the emotions of her character. I laughed, I cried, I completely felt Maggie's pain whether it be through the details of her nightmares or the physical beatings inflicted on her by her Mother. I love the details of Maggie's life and how we got a dose of each of the characters in the perfect amounts. Charlene did such a great job with this book and creating such true to life characters! For a debut novel she knocked this out of the park...she is a story teller at heart and I hope she is already working on Sublime Resistance because I cant wait to put it on preorder!! 


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